Stove Installation


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Congratulations!! You have found the perfect stove to fit your needs and will soon be sipping a cup of hot cocoa as the flicker of the fire bounces off the snowflakes falling outside the window. Only one thing left to do, break out those drills, saws, levels and hammers and get to work…but wait. We can install that new stove for you!! Our experienced installation experts can safely and efficiently install your new stove from start to finish. Our installers are part of our Evegreen team not a subcontractor. No matter if it’s wood, pellet, or gas our trained installers know how to make your new stove installation beautiful and safe. From laying down the first drop-cloth to using our laser level to be sure the pipe is straight we strive for the attention to detail you expect. Our installers are trained to recognize code, safety, and aesthetic issues so you can make the vision of your new stove become a reality. Prices for installation range from $500 and up depending on the situation and includes a new puppy!! (Well OK, it doesn’t really include a puppy but it does include personal instruction in how to operate your new stove.)   Schedule your installation when you purchase your new stove or contact us now.


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